My 1999 costume took about 2 weeks of solid work to build. It is a reproduction of the leather "Strangers" costume from the movie Dark City. I hand-made everything-- it's nearly 20 pounds of leather, with 26 buckles and hundreds of eyelets for lacing which runs from chin to crotch and the length of both arms.

Of course, it looked much better once I'd shaved my head and eyebrows for it. :) It takes around an hour to get into the outfit and get the makeup on. It's fairly comfortable, though it's a bit warm and I can't actually sit down due to the construction of the apron.

I'm open to selling the outfit. I'm looking for $900 US. Click here to contact me about it.

Day shots (without makeup):

Night shots at the Tornado Club, Ft Collins Colorado:

The outfit in which I handed out candy to the kids on Halloween night. It's an antique, ca. 1890's Masonic robe, I'm told. Unfortunately, NO kids actually showed up to my door, so instead I took the whole bowl of candy and I went door-to-door... When the person answers it, I said "Treeeaaat." and handed THEM candy. It invariably freaked the neighbors out. :)

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