Triggur's MUF Library

Okay, since Netcom saw fit to close their shell operations, I had to find a new home for my MUF archive. This one's pretty bare-bones, but as time allows and as FB6 starts to roll out, I'll start performing updates and maintaining the code.

Package NameDescription
aibots.tarAIBots are like zombie or puppets, except that they can listen to the world around them and respond (semi)intelligently to people talking and acting in the same room, all on their own (even when their owner is asleep). On some MUCKs, AIBots run entire space ships as a disembodied "ship's computer" voice, and elsewhere they take on actual persona, as in Honey the EC Receptionist, in Equine Central on FurryMUCK.
hammers.tarThe "Hammers" are the package containing the player editor, the morph editor, the room editor, and the action editor. Requires lib-install.tar
lib-install.tarManages versioning, installation, and uninstallation of software packages.
terraform.tarThis is a large, complex package that can simulate the existence of countless billions of rooms on the surface (and below it and above it) of an entire planet, complete with "randomized" terrains pulled from arbitrarily complex layers of variable-resolution maps. It's also an entire building system, working in the opposite direction from the @dig command; instead of creating space from nothing, you explore and build on existing ground. Included is a sample simulation of the Earth. See if you can find Slartibartfast's signature on it!
creditlock.mufCharge a player some amount of money (pennies) to use an exit.
tramlock.muf rideplay.muf rideplay2.muf"tramlock" controls access to a "ride" room. "rideplay" plays a pose loop so that all the players in the ride experience it at the same time (like a dozen people all getting queasy on the Puke-N-Whirl at the same time), while "rideplay2" plays it to each player individually, as they enter and leave (like in a waterslide).
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