Information about the missile base

Location: ?
Missile type: Titan I
Missile count: 3
Missile speed: 18,000 MPH
Missile burns: 1 ton fuel/sec
Silo doors: 2x116 tons
Fuel storage: 26,000 gals/silo LOX
Active during: 1963-1965
Feet of tunnel: 2000
Feet of wire: 3 million
Miles of re-bar: 2400
Tons of concrete: 405,000
Tons of structural steel: 6,900
yards^3 of dirt displaced: 800,000
Water tanks: 2x30,000 gallons
Diesel tanks: 2x67,000 gallons
Generators: 4x1 megawatt
Capacity: 150 people/30 days
Total depth: 165 feet

Copyright (C) 1995, 1996, 1997 by Kevin Kelm